Ergonomics is a core value of what we do. With one of our main differentiators being our electric height adjustable equipment, we pride ourselves on being able to create healthy workspaces for employees in any industry. But height adjustability isn’t the only thing you can do to design a more ergonomic workspace. With the ability to now tilt worksurfaces, ergonomics is taking on a whole new level. Understanding tilt worksurfaces, BUILT encountered a need for this with a newer customer. Knowing that tailored solutions are something that the BUILT Systems’ team can make happen, this customer wanted to know if we could take it to another level. When presented with this request, the Engineering team worked to develop the perfect product to fit the needs of the end-user.

This specific request was to design a heavy-duty, height-adjustable workstation with a tilting work surface.

The Problem

This customer needed a steady work surface that supported wrapping automotive seating with the feature of it tilting to support ergonomic efforts in this application

The Criteria

This workstation needed to be rigid, along with having powered height adjustment and a powered tilt work surface. It needed to be able to support a 100lb tool from the light frame, and have dual switches to control light and fan. It also needed the option of being able to anchor to the cement floor.

Brainstorming and Design

Having designed an ergonomic tilt table in the past, the design team at BUILT was able to work off existing designs along with feedback from the customer. With initial feedback being that they needed a more heavy-duty solution, the engineers quickly went to work to develop this workstation. Once the initial criteria and ideas were set, they were able to take the existing height-adjustable and modular standard machine base and add an electric-adjustable tilting work surface. This resulted in a product that utilized a Machine Base frame instead of the standard Assembly Table, along with utilizing dual switch controls. This setup allowed for the support of heavy tools and supplied a quick disconnect manifold for the customer’s air supply. This product is something that we at BUILT are proud to display.

Providing a solution for any industry is what we do best. The team is always excited to collaborate with customers to come up with products that meet the needs of the end-user. Contact us today to learn more about how BUILT Systems can help you!

Product Spotlight – Heavy Duty Electric Tilt Workstation

Product Specifications

  • 3500lbs Lift Capacity
  • Tube and Sheet Metal
  • 60 Degree, 200lbs Capacity Electric-adjustable Tilting Stainless-Wrapped Work Surface
  • Fully customizable light frame with LED light, Fan, Tool Trolley, and Tool Balancer
  • Leveling Feet with Floor Anchoring Option
  • 4 Quick Disconnect Air Manifold
  • 6 Actuators
  • Dual Switch Controls
  • Current Size Available: 42IN x 30IN
  • Contact BUILT Sales for any additional details