According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the manufacturing industry contributes to more than 20% of greenhouse emissions. With this information, it is crucial that steps continue to be taken to lower manufacturing’s carbon footprint. BUILT Systems is taking serious steps to improve our own sustainability efforts, as well as create long-lasting products that contribute to sustainability in our customers facilities.


BUILT Systems is proud to be a local, American manufacturer. Each country has their own regulations, and while some are equal to the United States, others are far behind when it comes to saving the planet. The Clean Air Act is a U.S. Federal law instituted to reduce pollution and protect public health. Therefore, purchasing American-made is a simple step to ensure that action is taken to reduce the carbon footprint.

Additionally, as a local manufacturer, BUILT has removed the need for shipments across oceans. Without shipments overseas, there is a significant impact due to less energy output and the removal of many environmental threats that shipping poses to waterways.

Lifecycle Thinking

Many of BUILT’s products are made in a modular fashion so they can grow with your facility. This is a crucial step to sustainability – minimizing the “fast-fashion” idea and, instead, investing in product that will last and continue lasting to fit your needs.

Easily adjust and change the add-ons to your existing workstations for a “new” and updated product that matches your latest requirements. Use the heavy-duty casters to move your equipment as necessary within your facility.

Direct Initiatives

BUILT recycles all its scrap metal through a local recycling company. Steel, which is the main resource for BUILT’s products, is highly sustainable, as it can easily be recycled numerous times without losing its inherent values.

Additionally, BUILT’s manufacturing facility re-uses the heat from the paint line ovens by cycling it back into the building to help heat the plant during the colder months. By doing this, we can significantly reduce our gas consumption.

Lastly, our paint-line and operational water is regularly inspected to ensure it is safe and compliant. This includes regular sampling and lab testing to ensure water we discharge to the city is safe and environmentally friendly. In our painting operations, we filter and treat our water with the environment and our community’s safety in mind.

Learn more about BUILT Systems by visiting It is our goal to manufacture the best product with ergonomic, durability, and sustainability standards at the forefront.