Lean and Clean

The BUILT Systems manufacturing facility is lean, clean, visual, and streamlined—rooted in a culture of kaizen thinking and 5S practices. Every cart has its own job, every functional area its assigned color. Smooth, efficient, and ergonomic are our watchwords.

To reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate import costs, and support the U.S. economy, we source our materials close to home. Our rigid steel tubing, for example, is manufactured in Indiana.

One-Piece Flow

The BUILT Systems factory is organized into work cells, with parts moving smoothly through the plant from one operation to the next. Six overhead cranes safely move steel tubes around the plant. Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Fixture design
  • Assembly
  • Powder coating
  • Quality control
  • Packaging

Quality Control

Our on-site quality control lab uses the latest technology and testing procedures. In addition to our internal inspections, we test our products to UL standards at third-party labs.

Laser Cutting

Custom laser cutting is central to our operations, so we have high-end cutting technologies for both tube steel and sheet steel. Machines include a precision five flatbed laser processor and five tube laser cutters, which all integrate seamlessly into the workflow.


The last stop in our one-piece-flow environment is our in-house packaging department with its on-demand corrugated box-making machines. By building the boxes we need just when we need them, we reduce waste, eliminate the need for inventory, and decrease our use of non recyclable materials.

In addition, we shred and reuse much of our corrugated scrap for other packaging purposes, reducing our recycling loads.

From Innovation to Production

Need a prototype? We can collaborate with you on concepts and our capable design, engineering and project management staff provides a rapid turnaround! Our team is comprised of creative and ambitious individuals who are dedicated to the research, design and development of your products; your mockup can be ready to show in less than a week with options for customization at your fingertips.

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