Height-Adjustable Products

To reduce the risks of physical strain, we design our tables, bases, benches, and stools so that employees can raise and lower them to suit their needs. Our other products, such as our materials handling carts and racks, tilt to present parts at ergonomic angles. Not only will your employees experience increased comfort and well-being, but their overall efficiency and productivity will improve.

Collaborative Design

Because your products and processes are unique, your production challenges are too. Our in-house design team can create solutions for your specific needs, ensuring that your order meets your goals and precise specifications. In other words, if you need a product that doesn’t exist, let us design and build it for you. Our workflow is designed for collaboration.

Modularity and Versatility

With their modular designs, our products are easy to shorten, lengthen, and reconfigure on the plant floor with minimal downtime. Not only does this create efficiencies in the production cycle, but it also allows you to use and reuse your manufacturing assets for decades.


BUILT Systems strives to be a worthy partner for customers, suppliers, and employees. With a mindset of continuous improvement, we’re committed to keeping environmental and social sustainability a priority.

For instance, environmental initiatives include a comprehensive recycling program, paperless payroll, advanced air filtration systems, energy-efficient lighting, phosphate-free wastewater, and efficient heating and cooling systems, including heat reuse.

Social responsibility also plays an important role. Our company regularly gives back through partnerships with nonprofit organizations like Toys for Tots and Mobility Worldwide, in addition to creating jobs through internships and inclusion initiatives.


Lean Manufacturing

BUILT Systems isn’t about mass production. We craft exactly what your plant needs to thrive. From day one, we adopted the lean approach in our own factory, knowing the importance of removing inefficiency and waste from the manufacturing cycle. The results are products, processes, and customer experiences that continue to improve over time.

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