When presented with a problem, the engineering team at BUILT Systems is always ready to find a solution.

Last year, the team at BUILT Systems was presented with providing a solution to help a customer maintain their process of 5S in their facility. The 5S process consists of 5 steps, sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. Click here to learn more about the 5S process. Since BUILT Systems is all about lean methodology and 5S in our own facility, the team jumped at the opportunity to improve this system for this customer.

The Problem

Create a mobile and lightweight cart that effectively holds the necessary supplies to maintain a lean facility.

The Criteria

The system needed to be mobile, lightweight, and have customizable shelving/hooks.

Brainstorming and Design

The team at BUILT went to work to create this new cart. Once the initial criteria and ideas were set, the engineering team went headfirst into the design. The result proved to be a product that we at BUILT are proud to display. With their modular design, our carts are easy to modify and customize as your material handling needs change. BUILT Systems 5S carts also come with custom powder-coated color options and a nameplate to support color-coded lean and kaizen practices.

Our 5S cart allows you to keep your facility clean and organized with a minimal footprint, and in these times, maintaining a clean and sanitized facility is one of the biggest priorities. The mobile and lightweight 5S cart will help any facility comply with the 5S method; sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. Contact us today to learn more about how BUILT Systems can help you!

Product Specifications

  • Rigid cold-rolled steel construction
  • Heavy-duty 5″ locking swivel casters
  • VOC-free powder coating (standard and custom colors)
  • Standard dimensions:
    • 89″H
    • 20″W x 20″L