Frequenting conversations, new articles, political campaigns, and talk in your local communities, is the push for purchasing American-made product. But, you may be asking why does it really matter that much? With so many manufacturers off-shore, it is tempting to look elsewhere, but as someone living in the United States, “American-made” is actually a big deal!

The American Economy

First off and probably assumed, purchasing American-made products supports the American economy. The circulation of money to and from businesses in the U.S. allows those businesses to thrive, creating an opportunity for more jobs, supporting the employees of those businesses, and continuing the circle of money going into more American businesses.

The economy requires a balance of supply and demand, meaning your purchases from American businesses increase the demand, therefore, allowing those American businesses to continue creating supply and a healthy economy. If money begins to flow elsewhere, as in other countries, the overall wealth available to USA-based companies decreases.

It’s simple really, just not everyone’s priority. While it may not feel like these affect you now, it makes the world of difference for the future of our economy, and especially to the local businesses in your communities.

The People in Your Life

Does the economy talk not really convince you? It may be hard to think country-wide or it’s just not top on your list of cares, so think of this: your friends, family, neighbors, and community members. Think of the small boutique downtown, family-owned restaurant, or the manufacturing shop built from the bottom-up down the road. Those are people and businesses counting on you to shop American-made.

By shopping local, you are supporting families, careers, education, and people you know and see every   day. Conversation and frustration may lead you to believe that shopping American-made only allows the American rich to get richer, but it truly does make a difference for every person right in your backyard.

Pride in Quality

Besides financial support, there’s another level of pride you can have in purchasing USA product. First, you can sit rest assured in the labor laws associated with your product. Meaning, no child was slaving hour after hour so that you can have your purchase. Yes, an ethical minimum wage pay is currently being discussed, but overall, the American work conditions are something that you can count on to be morally right when compared to some other countries.

Secondly, there’s a sense of pride that American shops feel in creating a high-quality product. Before you place an order, you’ll know what you are receiving. And, in turn, the product that arrives will likely be as expected. If purchasing from offshore, this guarantee level just isn’t there. While some products meet standards, others will leave you asking for better.

A True Partnership

And lastly, purchasing American-made product from an American company opens the door to a true relationship between parties. Opposed to simply purchasing a catalog product, you’ll be investing in a partnership to get a product perfect for your needs.

Language and time barriers can lead to difficult communication with overseas suppliers, but even further than that, BUILT System’s specifically desires to understand your struggles, cares about your success, and wants to be a true partner.

So, as you contemplate your next purchase, think about American-made options as your first choice to support those around you while gaining benefits for your company too!