Key topics around manufacturing are often focused on efficiencies, LEAN, safety, etc. These topics surround boosting sales and meeting requirements for employee wellbeing. While they all stand with utmost importance, have you ever stopped to think about the equal importance of strong visualization? Visualization management in manufacturing actually plays a prominent role in every one of the topics mentioned above.

The main definition of visualization is the ability to communicate quickly and without a conversation. It is all about having an understanding “at a glance”. When information is displayed in a manner that is observed easily, it helps to minimize interruptions in the day-to-day manufacturing processes.

Some examples include:

  • Color-coding
  • Bold labeling
  • Signals
  • Shared visual data
  • Organization


When working with BUILT Systems, you’ll have the ability to color-coordinate however you want by choosing from our large selection of powder coat options. You may choose to coordinate by department (fabrication, welding, assembly, etc.), by product line, or by your own unique method that is effective for your specific manufacturing floor.

No matter how you choose to go about it, utilizing color is key to quick glance visualization management. You’ll immediately recognize when something is out of place and can begin solving potential problems.

Clear labeling and signage are also critical to visualization to assist new team members in learning and ensure seasoned team members avoid mindless mistakes. Examples of this in the BUILT Systems offering are the material handling carts. All nameplates can be customized to meet your company’s needs.

Both of these topics fall under an umbrella topic of organization. Colors and labeling help ensure that everything has a place and remains systematic in how product moves around a facility.

Shared Visual Data

Sharing numbers and data in a prominent way also helps visualize achievement as a company works to improve efficiencies and output. Utilizing mobile whiteboards, for example, helps a team post information for everyone to see. These aren’t detailed messages that are time-consuming to write and read, but quick data that helps bypassing employees understanding the progress being made.

When these numbers are largely displayed, it not only unites the team, but it also adds individual goal ownership. Employees should be proud of the work they are doing and must feel a commitment to maintaining improvement and meeting expectations.

Floor Layout

Lastly, the floor layout must also provide clear messaging and effective product movement. A key aspect of this is product mobility. After a problem is uncovered, managers and engineers can easily adjust the layout to increase efficiencies. That’s why many of BUILT Systems’ products are equipped with casters and allow for simple reconfiguration.

Overall, visualization management helps ensure a consistent message is clearly broadcasted throughout your facility, important for continuous improvement. If you are interested in how BUILT Systems can help you achieve visual management goals, check out our products or contact a member of our team.