BUILT for People. We recognize that it is each and every employee in your company who makes your ideas and solutions come to life. The people on the line and behind the scenes are vital to the success of your business.

Because of this, there’s great value in how you care for your employees and show that appreciation. Caring for their mental health, physical health, and general wellbeing are all equally as important.

Mental health

As we step into the next generation of the workforce, we must recognize that mental health is a true health concern, equal to the physical pain that we’ve always cared about. As a business, it is your job to showcase that the mental health of your employees is a top priority.

A simple way to do this is to create an atmosphere where people truly feel comfortable to reach out to their managers with concerns. Actively talk about how this is not only accepted but encouraged. 

It is important that if this does happen, there is a follow through chain in place to get the information to the right people and follow up methods are implemented for checking in in the future.

In addition, many employees became nervous about working through the COVID-19 pandemic. As many offices and companies closed, the mandatory workers were still required to leave the safety of their homes for the success of their businesses. Make sure that you recognize those risks that each individual took and continue being there for employees who need extra support. Help ease the nerves by keeping strict safety protocols and show flexibility and concern for those with alternate health issues.


Secondly, implementing proper ergonomics is a necessary step in valuing your employees. Ergonomics are defined as creating the best working conditions for efficiencies and health. They are vital to preventing many common aches and pains, as well as future injuries.

Within manufacturing, ergonomics can look like a variety of different things. Simple anti-fatigue mats are an example of ergonomics, reducing the stress on the body by adding cushion and helping improve circulation.

A larger and important investment is in height adjustable equipment. Employees of various heights will be working in your facilities, and it is crucial that your machines and tables are flexible to meet everyone’s different requirements. Constantly bending over or reaching far for products, or working in an arched state, will lead employees to future health concerns and possible workers compensation.

BUILT Systems has dedicated their business to providing ergonomic solutions to outfit your production floor. For more information and to view these products, visit https://www.builtsystems.net/products/.


A huge part of caring for your employees is making sure they are safe each day they come to work! While some jobs are riskier than others, no one should have to face additional concerns as they navigate their tasks. Ensuring employee safety is accomplished through having strict safety protocols in place and making sure everyone is aware of them to follow the rules. While it is never perfect, always trying to improve upon existing standards is vital.

Additionally, make sure there is proper safety equipment available. From PPE to safety barriers around machines, there are many small and large steps that can be taken to put your employees first.


Lastly, and probably often forgot about, is sanitation. When employees are focused on large equipment and big safety protocols, simple sanitation likely isn’t front of mind. However, legitimate cleaning is crucial to showing your employees that you care.

Especially after COVID outbreaks, but even just to minimize the spread of germs always, common surfaces should be sanitized regularly. It creates a healthier place to work and also a more visually appealing space with the additional cleanliness.

By embracing all of these, you are more likely to keep employees longer, hire more employees, and ultimately, it is just the right thing to do. Next time your team is working to improve company culture and show the value they have for their employees, think bigger picture by thinking mental health, ergonomics, safety, and sanitation.