Fill your manufacturing facilities with American made products designed for ergonomics, durability, and modularity. Through supporting American manufacturing, you’ll gain a plethora of benefits affecting both your business and the American economy.

Benefit Your Business

For your business, you’ll be more secure that your quality standards will align with the standards of the company you are purchasing from. Regulations alone plus minimal language barriers will positively impact the success of the products you receive.

In addition, you may find buying local could offer shorter lead times, no / lower minimum order quantities, and quicker / more accurate communication.

Recently, circumstances with offshoring have been even more problematic than usual. Shipping container shortages and back-ups at west-coast ports have led to complications with manufacturing lead times and higher shipping costs.

When you’re already paying for quality manufacturing equipment and run your business on tight deadlines, you can’t afford and shouldn’t have to deal with setbacks like this.

Benefit the Economy

For the economy, supporting American manufacturing stimulates money spend and growth of our current economic state. Following the pandemic and shutdowns across the country, staying local is important to boosting success back across the country.

Even more, American manufacturing strengthens the middle class. A secure job market is vital to ensuring layoffs stay to a minimum and paychecks are guaranteed for the families who count on them.

BUILT Systems Stays U.S.-Based

This is why we at BUILT Systems are proud to call ourselves an American-facility offering you American-made products. When you see our stamp, you can be positive that you’re making a difference right in your backyard. From our manufacturing facility located in Michigan, we use U.S.-sourced material and combine sustainability and LEAN manufacturing to produce products designed for your business.

As you look to make your next product purchase, specifically the equipment that fills your manufacturing facilities, consider an American-made product from a company like BUILT Systems. Contact our team for more information.