Safety isn’t optional in manufacturing and making sure that all precautions are taken to protect your valued employees is vital. After-the-fact safety changes aren’t going to cut it and no one’s life should be put at risk when they come to work in your manufacturing facility.

Take a look at the steps below and make sure you’ve invested in these and your people.


First, ergonomics. Contrary to commonly talked about topics, ergonomics isn’t only for desk jobs. Yes, making sure that proper posture when using a desk, computer screen, and keyboard is incredibly important, but ergonomics apply to all areas of work. Back injuries and other stress fractures won’t discriminate against your manufacturing employees.

Workstations, assembly tables, and other products on the floor should include ergonomic features. Height adjustability, for example, should be a part of each of these. Rather than have employees awkwardly bending over, an ergonomic desk will lift the workstation to the perfect height. BUILT Systems offers an array of height adjustable products. Check them out:

In addition, anti-fatigue mats make smart additions to each workstation. They add cushion and reduce the pressure put on an employee’s body from standing for long periods of time.

Machine Safety

Second, machine safety. Machine safety is probably your first thought that came to mind when we began talking safety in manufacturing. This includes using methods, such as lock-out tag-out, and ensuring physical safety barriers are in place. Strong machines and moving parts can certainly cause major injuries if used improperly, so safety measures are necessary.

Of course, other important rules like maintaining proper care of the machine and never walking away from it while it is in use are vital.


Personal protective equipment is the third safety measure. This includes many small protective layers that make a huge difference! This is a safety topic that everyone knows about, but many employees disregard as not always necessary. However, that isn’t the case.

Safety glasses, steel-toed shoes, hard hats, gloves, hearing protection, and other safety equipment products are vital for protecting against workplace injuries. Whether it is falling material or consistent loud noises, protecting your body should be number one.

In addition to these, the pandemic has added face masks/shields to the list of required PPE for all employees. These protect against virally transmitted droplets and, therefore, diseases like Coronavirus. Make sure that you and your employees are wearing face coverings over both the nose and mouth when people are within 6 feet of each other. In the same category, hand sanitizer dispensers and cleaning products should always be nearby. This is important so employees can keep their hands and their spaces clean and germ free. Check out BUILT Systems’ offering:


Continuing to educate employees is a final important step to ensuring preventative safety measures on the manufacturing floor. Hosting mandatory training courses, implementing safety programs, continuously auditing safety, and posting signage across the building and near machines are just a few examples of how education can be present in your company.

Taking steps for improved safety is a way to invest in your employees, which should be your top priority. But in addition, you’ll also save costs in worker compensation and save on productivity distractions.

For questions on how you can improve your manufacturing facility, view our products or contact the BUILT Systems team today! Never forget the importance of continuous improvement and refining your safety procedures.