Ergonomics In The Workplace

At BUILT Systems, we craft each and every one of our products with a focus on ergonomics. We actively seek the most efficient and comfortable designs possible in order to maximize the potential of your company’s employees. As a production company our-self, we truly understand the need to accommodate employees from a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities.


The Importance Of Ergonomic Equipment

Maximizing the ergonomic appeal of your workplace has innumerable benefits – primary being an overall increase in production and efficiency of operations. First and foremost, ergonomics helps keep laborers safe. If laborers are working under hazardous conditions, they’re not only more prone to injury, they’re also much less likely to be enthusiastic on the job, which may lessen the likelihood of tasks being completed in full.

When it comes to injuries, outfitting the workplace with ergonomic equipment is a win-win situation for both the organization and the worker. In keeping your employees’ safety in mind, you’re both protecting their well-being and maintaining your company’s efficiency. Without workers, productivity drops or comes to a standstill completely.

Ensuring that a workplace is ergonomic also helps make workers more comfortable. Since it’s extremely unlikely that all employees of a single organization share the same needs and preferences, selecting equipment with ergonomic designs – especially equipment that can be easily adjusted – is a surefire way to make everyday tasks in the workplace more feasible for a wider range of laborers, while helping reduce the likelihood of musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor work posture and the unnecessary repetition of tasks.

BUILT Systems And Ergonomics

Each item crafted by BUILT, from workstations to welding tables, is designed to provide an ergonomic solution to your outdated or inefficient equipment.

Ensuring the ergonomic success of our products happens in a variety of ways. Offering height flexibility is one way to make the use of our equipment more comfortable and less physically demanding, and BUILT’s products, including machine bases, pedestal bases and workbenches, can all be easily adjusted to best suit the individual needs of your workers.

BUILT also allows you to make your existing equipment more adjustable with products like our retrofit kit. Boasting a lifting capacity of 1,500 lb., this kit can be applied to a fixed-height base to make it customizable for each employee’s preferences.

For businesses that focus less on production, but are still interested in making the workplace more ergonomic, consider our seating options. Easily portable, these ergonomic seats deliver the upright support needed to keep your mind alert and your body healthy.


Customize Your BUILT Equipment Today

If you’re looking for equipment that’s even more specifically suited to your company’s requirements, contact a BUILT Systems representative today to discuss exactly what you’re looking for and discover how we can provide your organization with the perfect selection of custom ergonomic equipment built just for you.