Every day, we see new and different trends that are happening in the manufacturing industry. One of these trends is the controversy of customization. While customization of products is something that consumers want more and more of, is it ideal in the manufacturing industry to comply with this want?

Ever since product standardization came about, a huge focus of the industry was how to make the same product repeatedly with the lowest cost possible. Henry Ford was a staple in this movement with his famous model T car, telling customers, “You can have any color, as long as it’s black.” While this method was a revolution of its time, it no longer suffices in today’s market.

Today, we see so many customizable products from cup design to creating personalized cars. While taking a tour of the Porsche manufacturing facility in Germany, we even learned that they will custom color match a car to your favorite nail polish! So, how are all of these companies able to produce these customizable products while still making a profit?

The answer to this is that these companies most likely employ continuous improvement in their facility.

Continuous Improvement

People and businesses are constantly changing and adapting to new trends in the industry. This means that in order to keep up with these trends, businesses need to stay flexible in their methods. In more relevant terms, they need to stay lean.

If you currently work in a lean facility, you already know the benefits. Not only is it a more efficient and cost saving method – it is a method that keeps you adaptable to any necessary change, which is where customization comes in.

BUILT Systems is one company that employs lean manufacturing in their facility, and it is because of this that they can produce all custom manufacturing equipment based on what their customers need. Much like being able to put together your own car, BUILT Systems makes it possible for customers to essentially build up their own equipment. Starting with any standard idea such as a machine base, BUILT Systems’ in-house engineers are able to create the perfect product for unique customer needs.

Not only does this method keep customers happy, it keeps you competitive in an increasingly saturated market. With customers able to buy exactly what they need for their own facility to be lean, they will stay loyal to your company and spread the word.

This day and age, consumers know what they want. We exist because we supply our customers with the best products for their specific facility needs. With our expanding technology and world-class customer service, there is nothing that we can’t do in terms of customization.

Continuous Improvement

Because your products and processes are unique, your production challenges are too. Our in-house design team can create custom solutions, ensuring that your order meets your goals and precise specifications. If you need a product that doesn’t exist, let us design and build it for you. Our workflow is designed for custom orders.


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