It seems like this time of year more than ever, we feel the American pride. Independence day is a staple holiday nationwide. Not only is it a time to celebrate our independence, but it is also a time to celebrate being an American. So this year, we want to celebrate American manufacturing. Check out these 5 benefits of being an American Made manufacturer.

1. American Made means American Jobs

The “Made in America” stamp means that that specific product was created on American
soil. What it also means is that the creation of that product was due to American workers. By manufacturing in the United States, you are setting up a community for success by allowing families to thrive off of the jobs that you are producing.

American Manufacturing

Not only are you setting up jobs for your community, but by being involved in the community your company can make a lasting impact in the lives of those who live there. Customers value companies that have planted roots in their communities, and they will choose your products over competitors every time for that reason.

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important things we have found with manufacturing is that delivery matters. This does not just mean that the product arrives perfectly, this means delivering on the promises that were made when the customer purchased the product.

By manufacturing in the United States, it is much easier to deliver on your promises to customers. Sourcing materials close to home means shorter lead times, and with an increasing demand to have products in shorter and shorter time frames, it is important that manufacturers deliver on these lead times. With shorter lead times and reduced cost of delivery, it is much easier to manage a smooth product delivery to your customers. With a smooth product delivery, customer satisfaction is a guarantee.

3. Sustainability

Not only do shorter deliveries save time and money, but they save the excess energy that would be used to import goods from foreign countries. Overseas shipping is one of the largest sources of emissions of greenhouse gasses. One source even states that ” Shipping containers produce more greenhouse gas emissions than some small countries.” By reducing international shipping, companies can reduce their carbon footprint.

Knowing where their products are coming from, consumers are more willing to trust your brand. They will know that your company has a set standard when it comes to the environment. Consumers like to feel connected to where their products come from, and if the information is not available some consumers question their environmentally friendly practices and will end their business with them.

4. High Standards of Safety and Quality

Unlike other countries, the United States prides itself on exceptional safety standards that it sets in manufacturing facilities. According to a consumer report, 80% of people who buy American believe that the goods are produced under better working conditions.

Not only this but with your manufacturing plant being based in the US, it is easier to allow customers to see and tour your plant to learn exactly what you are all about. By allowing consumers to see inside your plant, you allow transparency into your processes which will build trust among consumers.

5. Homegrown Customer Service

Everyone has dealt with customer service reps that are just hard to understand. Language barriers can be frustrating when consumers can’t get the help they need solely because they can’t understand their rep. Keeping facilities in the US means keeping customer service reps in the US as well, eliminating the language barrier and allowing the consumer to feel more connected.

Knowing that the people on the other end of the line are close to home allows consumers to not only connect with the company better but will also build trust.

American made products have many benefits, it is no wonder that they have become so popular over the years.

Every piece of equipment that BUILT Systems produces is made in Michigan from U.S.-sourced materials. American made products being produced on American made equipment – can it get any better than that?

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