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Why You Should Invest in New Manufacturing Equipment

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Things get old. Things become worn. Things eventually are just out of date. Whether we enjoy this part of life or not, it’s just a fact. In our personal lives, we replace big items (furniture, cars, electronics, carpets) and smaller items (shoes, pots and pans, toothbrushes) frequently over time.

With a business, the same is true. Your manufacturing equipment will eventually need replacing. We are here to help you determine when that time may be and guide you along the in the journey of replacing your equipment.

Is your equipment ergonomic?

We talk about ergonomics a lot, and that’s because it is super important! Ergonomics are essential to employee health and wellbeing, as well as to productivity and efficiency. Most of BUILT Systems’ products are height adjustable, with some also offering a tilt feature, all for enhanced ergonomics. The less that people need to reach, bend, or stand awkwardly, the better.

Check out our Electric Tilt Cart for ergonomic material handling and our Machine Base for ergonomic production. Pair any BUILT product with an anti-fatigue mat to increase comfort even further.

Is your equipment modern?

Your facility is your showroom 2.0. As you walk customers and future employees through, you want it to be a space that you can feel proud of. Having an impressive production facility to produce your products within adds another element of trust that your final product will also be worth the investment. It may feel like a mind game, but people truly are drawn in and make assumptions visually.

BUILT products are designed with the modern-day clean and simple style, while also achieving an industrial feel. They are durable and built to withstand the everyday environment of a manufacturing facility.

Check out our Heavy-Duty Workbench to see how we do modern.

Is your equipment safe?

There is a certain level of safety standards that have been improved from year to year. The quality of design and the expectations to meet have increased with time. If your product is outdated, it likely isn’t as safe either.

BUILT products are equipped with anti-vibration mounts and custom designed actuators tested for specific weight capacities. Sanitizer stands and a 5S cart are also offered to promote healthy environments.

Are you rebranding?

As you rebrand to set a fresh tone for your business, make sure the décor and the equipment matches this new energy. BUILT Systems offers products in a variety of colors so you can push your brand even further and into your production space.

With BUILT, you’ll have the option to design your entire workstation spaces with your brand color and even implement your logo into each table’s light frame. It’s something that we do to help you stand out from the rest.

Check out the branding options on our Assembly Table line.

Are you expanding?

Last, but definitely not least, is the obvious importance of investing in new equipment if your business is working on a facility expansion. Top-of-the-line equipment for a top-tier growing business is crucial. As you invest in new product, make it worth the spend by choosing BUILT’s long-lasting solutions. 

Modular in design, these workstations, machine bases, material handling carts, and more are easily moved and functional in a variety of environments. BUILT products are meant to grow and last with your expanding facility.

For guidance on purchasing new equipment and questions about BUILT specific solutions, contact our team, who is happy to help!