Part Presentation Lift (HAPP Series)

Stationed beside an assembly line, our Part Presentation Lift—also known as the Height-Adjustable Part Presentation (HAPP) Series—is a back saver for employees who need heavy parts raised to working height. The automated lift handles boxes weighing up to 150 pounds, making part replenishment safe, simple, and efficient.

  • Rigid cold-rolled steel construction
  • 150 lbs. of load capacity
  • Patented electric lift system (18″ vertical adjustment; 1.5″ per second)
  • VOC-free powder coating (standard and custom colors)
  • Heavy-duty 3/8″ mounting plates for permanent installations

  • Standard dimensions:
    • Pole height: ___”
    • 24″W x 24″L
  • Anti-vibration leveling mounts for modular assembly lines
  • Custom paint colors and laser cutting for branding/logo reproduction
  • Custom sizes
Part Presentation Lift

Want to customize this product?

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Back-Saving Mechanism

The ergonomic Part Presentation Lift reduces back pain and strain by lifting parts and materials into prime position, reducing the risk of injury and workers’ compensation claims.

Heavyweight Options

We welcome special orders, and this product is no exception. If you need a lifting capacity greater than 150 pounds, we can upsize the actuator.

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