Electric Tilt Cart (ETC)

The Electric Tilt Cart (ETC) is a flat cart with a built-in electric tilt system for more ergonomic part presentation. Designed to hold pallets, this cart lets employees load skidded parts with the cart in flat position, transport the cart to the work center, then tilt the load. Locking casters provide a solid base for up to 1,500 pounds of materials. Replace the casters with optional floor mounts to make this cart a fixed part of your assembly line.

  • Rigid cold-rolled steel construction
  • 1,500 lbs. of load capacity
  • Patented electric tilt system
  • 60-degree tilt angle
  • Heavy-duty 6″ locking swivel casters

  • Standard size: 54″W x 51″L
  • VOC-free powder coating (standard and custom colors)
  • Anti-vibration leveling mounts
  • Custom paint colors and laser cutting for branding/logo reproduction
  • Custom sizes
Tilt cart for material handling built tough

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Ergonomic Tilt Cart

Back-Saving Mechanism

The ergonomic Electric Tilt Cart reduces back pain and strain by lifting parts and materials into prime position, reducing the risk of injury and workers’ compensation claims.

Tilt cart for material handling built ergonomic and durable

Convenient Angles

Presenting parts at a 60-degree angle provides more than ergonomic benefits—it also improves employee speed and productivity by promoting smoother, easier operations.

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