This lighter-duty version of our modular workbench combines the functionality of our ergonomic assembly tables with the greater lift capacity of our machine bases. Driven by two custom-designed actuators, this station provides 1,000 pounds of lift across 12 or 16 inches of vertical travel. This workbench also comes equipped with a customizable light-frame and your choice of a standard or specialized worksurface.

    • Rigid cold-rolled steel construction
    • 1,000 lbs. of lift capacity
    • Custom-designed actuators: 12″ or 16″ of vertical adjustment at 0.25″ per second*
    • Up/down control switch: simple or programmable
    • VOC-free powder coating (standard and custom colors)

    • Standard sizes:
      • Starting height: 32.5″
      • Widths: 48″, 60″, 72″
      • Depths: 30″ or 36″
    • Power consumption: 0.3W (standby)
    • Anti-vibration mounts and retractable 6″ swivel casters

*Specifications vary based on system configuration and workload.

  • Light-frame kit with LED lights
  • Pegboard/whiteboard
  • Fan kit
  • Tool trolley/balancer
  • Tool/parts bins

  • Monitor mount
  • Keyboard arm/swing arm
  • Flow rack shelves
  • Paper/phone trays
  • Power strip: 6-, 8-, 12-outlet options
  • Worksurface options:
    • High pressure laminate (HPL) including electrostatic discharge (ESD) options
    • Solid maple butcher block
    • .125″ to .5″ steel (powder coated or raw)
    • .125″ to .5″ aluminum
  • Custom shelving and bracket design
  • Custom paint colors and branding/logo options
  • Custom sizes and surfaces available
Modular Workbench

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Ergonomic and Durable manufacturing equipment for the lean manufacturing facility.

Employee Friendly

Our modular workbenches are designed with the employee in mind. Providing a height-adjustable worksurface, these stations fit every employee and nearly every application. By focusing on employee ergonomics, you can expect productivity to increase and compensation costs to decline.

Ergonomic and Durable manufacturing equipment for the lean manufacturing facility.

Stability Meets Mobility

Each modular workbench comes equipped with both casters and anti-vibration mounts, guaranteeing a stable yet mobile workstation.

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