Energized Station

BUILT Systems has partnered with Volta Power Systems to bring wireless power to your manufacturing floor. By adding an automotive-grade energy storage system to our standard assembly stations, we’ve removed the tether to power drops, giving you a new level of flexibility. Now you can modify assembly lines and work centers on demand, without moving the power source. The Energized Station starts with our height-adjustable ATE150 assembly table and powers it with a lithium NMC battery. This highly versatile assembly workstation even provides backup power to multiple work centers or assembly lines in case of an outage.

In addition to the standard ATE150 specifications:

  • 58 VDC lithium NMC battery, automotive grade
  • Material, electrical, structural, and systemic safety features
  • Scalable from 3.4 kilowatt hours to 20.2 kilowatt hours
  • Up to 18 hours of power from a 60-minute charge*
  • 10+ years of reliable energy*

Inverter specifications:

  • 120 VAC, 60Hz, 20-amp output voltage*
  • Continuous: 2,700 watts; Peak: 5,100 watts*
  • Thermally controlled cooling
  • Low-battery protection

*Specifications vary based on system configuration and workload.

  • Light-frame kit with LED lights
  • Pegboard/whiteboard
  • Fan kit
  • Tool trolley/balancer
  • Tool/parts bins

  • Monitor mount
  • Keyboard arm/swing arm
  • Flow rack shelves
  • Paper/phone trays
  • Power strip: 6-, 8-, 12-outlet options
  • Custom shelving and bracket design
  • Custom paint colors and branding/logo options
  • Custom sizes available
Versatile Assembly workstation

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Ergonomic and Durable manufacturing equipment for the lean manufacturing facility.

Green Energy

With its built-in power, the Energized Station operates without the need for power drops. This is ideal for companies that want to minimize their impact on the environment.

Ergonomic and Durable manufacturing equipment for the lean manufacturing facility.

Powerful and Flexible

This wireless, versatile assembly workstation gives manufacturing engineers a new perspective on floor layout. Now you can change your facility’s floor plan on demand, without the need for a power source.

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