The Products We Offer


At BUILT, we seek to provide your organization with the gear needed to keep operations flowing smoothly. We currently offer a wide range of equipment, from assembly tables to custom conveyors, all crafted ergonomically in order to easily accommodate the needs of each and every worker.




Kick off your BUILT experience by selecting one of our ergonomic workstations. Constructed from rigid, cold-rolled steel and available with either 150 lb. or 400 lb. of lifting capacity, these versatile assembly tables can be ordered with a vast range of options, including – but not limited to – a pegboard, whiteboard, fan kit, tool trolley, flow rack shelves, lightframe kit and much more.


Machine Bases


We currently offer three machine base options: the MB800, MB1200, MB3500 and MB6500. Boasting an 800 lb., 1,200 lb., 3,500 and 6,500 lb. lifting capacity, respectively, these powerful tools are crafted from rugged steel to support your equipment without a hassle. Each base offers a patented electric height-adjustment system to help bolster ease of access while on the job.


Welding Tables


Available with 1,000 lb. or 3,000 lb. lifting capacities, our welding tables feature 5/8”-thick, anti-corrosive, anti-splatter, modular fixture surfaces. Rigid, cold-rolled steel construction ensures that the tables will last your company through year after year of hard use. If you’re in the market for a welding table, consider pairing the WT1000 or WT3000 with an optional BUILT Shadow Tool Cart to conveniently keep go-to gear on hand at all times.


…And Much More!


BUILT is proud to offer an ever-expanding line of products. Our collection of material handling equipment, for example, which is primarily constructed of ultra-durable, cold-rolled steel, can help streamline the processes of your workplace in an ergonomic, worker-friendly manner.

Organizations that are constantly moving product should consider our selection of conveyors. With lifting capacities ranging from 250 lb. to 400 lb., our durable conveyors are available in various sizes and lengths and are equipped with our electric height-adjustability system.

To delve even deeper into the equipment that BUILT Systems can provide for your organization, browse our products now.


Customize Your BUILT Gear

Are you looking for something a little bit more specific than our standard product line? Don’t hesitate to contact us today to speak with a representative about customizing BUILT gear specifically for the needs of your organization.