Ignition Software

Ignition is server software that acts as the hub for everything on your plant floor for total system integration. No matter what brand, model, or platform, it talks to your plant-floor equipment just as naturally as it talks to SQL databases, seamlessly bridging the gap between production and IT.
  • Connect:  One central hub for everything on the plant floor.
  • Unlimited Licensing:  Unlimited tags, devices and database connections, and clients
  • Universal Platform:  IIoT, SCADA, alarming, reporting, and more – one platform
  • Streamline Your Data Pipeline:  Create on efficient pipeline for all of your IIoT data.

Workstation Integration

The Virtual Workstation is an advanced central control system for the smart factory. We start with the height-adjustable ATE400 assembly table (with 400 pounds of lift capacity) and equip it with Ignition software, a flexible, web-based industrial automation solution. The Virtual Workstation gives Industry 4.0 manufacturers a mobile communications and process control center for the industrial internet of things (IIOT). As a certified Ignition integrator, BUILT Systems can customize a scalable Virtual Workstation to fit your workflow.


Automated Guided Cart Integration

The AGC interfaces with virtually any control system natively and interfaces with any database centric MES/ERP system. Facilities receive full data collection of product movement through the AGC system and it consists of an expandable data collection platform for further interface with plant equipment. AGC system needs to be trained once and carts are programmed to run automatically. There is a manual control mode via wifi tablet with a wifi/ethernet based control system. Cart routes are fed from central control to cart in real time.

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