Your manufacturing floor is tailored to your product; shouldn’t the same be true of all your manufacturing tools because everyone is built different.

We design and build height adjustable manufacturing equipment suited for YOUR needs! Our designs are centered on Ergonomics and Modularity to get the most effective solution for YOUR processes and at the same time, providing a HEALTHY solution for YOUR greatest asset….your team members.

With BUILT, you define “Better,” and we make it happen. Every BUILT product adheres to our rigorous ergonomic standards while offering you the full benefit of flexibility and rigid strength. We ensure your tools are made to last and ready to adapt to the shifting needs of your production floor.

Your BUILT Design Process

Modular Height-Adjustable Ergonomic Machine Bases BUILT Custom

Let’s get the process started for your company. Take a personal tour and check out our production floor; we use all of the tools we design in our own work, and we don’t sell anything we aren’t satisfied with ourselves.

Working with us is going to be about building a strong relationship and providing you with the very best materials and designs to keep your company creating and growing in healthy ways. That’s why we’re better at every level.

Your Next Step