BUILT crafts manufacturing equipment with an innovative balance of strength and flexibility. With BUILT, your company can feel confident in the customized production solutions you receive as well as the ergonomic health you provide employees. Tough, efficient and responsive, BUILT offers American ingenuity to better support manufacturing companies.

Our Story

BUILT was founded to produce better manufacturing equipment that suits companies’ specific workflows. Our engineers began by developing rigid yet adaptable tools to meet the shifting demands of the production floor. Years were invested in ensuring these new tools anticipated every manufacturing need. Each tool had to be tough, efficient and responsive.


At BUILT, we’re all about better. BETTER inspires custom solutions suited to your company’s manufacturing needs. BETTER means tools equipped to hold the really heavy stuff—without shifting or giving out. BETTER means modular equipment ready for reuse time and again. BETTER means designs shipped knocked-down for faster assembly, higher cost-efficiency and quick adjustments out on the floor. BETTER isn’t just about product, it’s also about people and giving them a healthier way to work.

Here, BETTER is how we do everything.