5S Methodology.

Behind the construction of BUILT Systems’ products is the use of 5S methodology, which is a system that works hand in hand with the Kaizen leadership philosophy. This technique’s ultimate purpose is to organize the workplace into a more efficient space in terms of cost, time and other resources. Originally made up of five Japanese terms – seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke – the steps have been loosely translated into English – sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain – for easy implementation.


Step One: Sort

The first step of the 5S process is “sort.” This involves taking stock of the workplace and identifying which tools and materials are required for everyday operations and which are not beneficial to the organization’s productivity. After this review, the items that are found unnecessary can be eliminated, because they’re counterproductive to 5S methodology’s intent of maximizing efficiency.


Step Two: Straighten

Once the items required for the organization to operate are identified, the second step, “straighten,” comes into play, which involves ensuring that all required items are clearly available to and easily located by all employees. This makes it easier to keep things running smoothly and promotes overall cleanliness and organization of the workplace, both of which can help improve productivity.


Step Three: Shine

To accomplish the third step, “shine,” the workplace and necessary tools must be kept clean and in working order. This helps prevent issues during the production process, such as equipment malfunctions, that can cause unnecessary expenditure of time, money and labor.


Step Four: Standardize

The fourth step, “standardize,” is designed to convert the processes involved in the first three steps into one continuous workflow. Crafting guidelines to ensure that all items remain appropriately sorted, straightened and shined will help your organization stick to the plan and avoid reverting back to the less-streamlined state that your company is seeking to leave behind.


Step Five: Sustain

Finishing off the 5S process is “sustain.” This final step involves strictly adhering to the standards that were set in the fourth step over time. It also suggests that improvements should constantly be sought out in order to fully utilize the potential of the company. While the set standards should be followed, they can always be improved upon even further.


The Benefits Of 5S Methodology


From increased worker satisfaction to higher-quality products, 5S methodology has a host of desirable results, and BUILT Systems’ products align with the five pillars of the 5S methodology to help your company attain a high level of efficiency. To learn more about how BUILT Systems can bolster your organization’s operations, contact us today.