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Choosing the right workbench for your application

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Your business has decided that industrial tables are needed for your warehouses or manufacturing facilities, but truly, that’s only the first step. Choosing which manufacturer to purchase from and which workbench best meets your needs is one of the most important choices you’ll make.

Consistent Workbench Needs

No matter which industry your company falls into, there are a few expectations that your table will need to meet and a few options that are unique to your needs.

Durability needs could fluctuate between the wear and tear your table is put under and the environment in which it is placed; however, the quality for how long your table will last is important no matter what. A workbench should last and continue lasting to meet the needs of your company.

BUILT products are designed with rigid, cold-rolled steel for a stronger base. It’s a product that is dependable for time to come.

Second to quality and product endurance, ergonomics is another factor that is consistent among various industries. Employees of all heights should have the opportunity to work comfortably and efficiently with the ability to move the workbench to a height that best matches them. Ergonomics are vital in reducing aches and pains, long term injuries, and increasing daily productivity.

Lastly, visual aspects and modern designs are a great feature for every space. Why invest in workbenches that haven’t updated with the times? As customers tour, having a space worth showing off is crucial, but even every day, your employees will feel more appreciated and willing to come into work when the space is created in an appealing manner. BUILT Systems takes pride in not only the mechanics and functionally of their products, but also the way each workstation looks visually.

Per Application Factors

While those were all the workbench factors that every industry should look for, here are a few that will vary depending on what your company actually does.

The amount of weight that you need your worktable to be rated for may vary significantly depending on your industry. Luckily, BUILT Systems offers a variety of light- to heavy-duty options, ranging from a 150lb to a 3,000lb lift capacity. The ATC150 is offered with a crank lift, while all other workstation options come with electric height adjustment. Anti-vibration mighty mounts and/or swivel casters create a solid foundation to the workbench of your choosing.

Secondly, the worksurface is a choice that your business gets to make to best fit your needs. Standard HPL, steel, stainless steel, brush, plastic, and more are all offered at BUILT Systems. Whether you’re looking for a non-marring surface or something highly durable, we have options for you.

Finally, choosing the right accessories and add-ons is exactly how you’ll make the workbench perfect for your business. If you’re looking for a packing table, you may choose options such as an ergo arm for keyboards and monitors, a tool bin bracket, and a light frame kit. Another business may care more about having a fan, a power strip, and a pegboard. These standard add-ons make it incredibly simple to customize your space and your employees will have everything they need right at their fingertips.

Custom to Your Company

Lastly, incorporating elements that are custom to your company are not only fun, but also beneficial for morale and LEAN practices.

The first of these would be choosing the color of your products and workbenches. BUILT Systems has a large powder coat offering available with options including various RAL colors and neutrals. Specific colors to match your company logo are available for custom ordering.  Color usage can be implemented to enhance the branding within your building or to identify different areas within your facility and help the flow of production.

Another option is laser cut designs. This means that your logo can be cut into every workstation in your facility. It makes an awesome worktable, completes the design, and increases branding! Any outsider walking through your facility will feel the quality of the brand represented everywhere they look, and it could be beneficial if your business also has multiple branches working within the same facility.

Overall, choosing the right workbench is more complimented than finding the best price or the “easiest” option. It’s about carrying out who your company is and the needs you require into the equipment that surrounds your space.

The BUILT team would love to help you create the perfect workstation for your business. Learn more by visiting or by contacting our team today!